Get the Facts

Get the Facts

‘Right-to-work’ is NOT what it sounds like. It is wrong for workers and wrong for Ohio.

Anti-worker special interests continue to push ‘right-to-work’ in Ohio, even though these laws have proven to decrease middle class income and benefits. ‘Right-to-work’ is simply an attempt to increase profits for a few wealthy owners, at the expense of workers and our communities.

Here are the facts:
  • States where similar measures have passed have the highest unemployment rates in the country.
  • These laws have been proven to drive wages down, on average 14%, which damages the overall economy.
  • Most studies conclude that ‘right-to-work’ laws have no positive impact on economic development, and some studies even conclude that they may hurt economic progress.
  • This isn’t about union membership. These laws have been proven to decrease wages for all workers, just like they are intended to do.
Think this is one more Republicans vs. Democrats battle? Think again.

Governor John Kasich has said that when he talks to CEOs around the state about Ohio’s business climate, “labor unrest rarely comes up” and that Ohio doesn’t need this law.

‘Right-to-work’ is a fraud.

It doesn’t mean more rights for workers; it means lower wages, fewer benefits, and worse working conditions.

Ohio’s economy can’t afford this.

We need more jobs, better wages, and a stronger economy for everyone.

Get informed and spread the word!

Now is the time to stand up for Ohio’s workers. The better prepared we are now, the easier it will be to defeat ‘right-to-work’.

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